Cloud Enablement

Enterprises today understand the value cloud computing brings to their businesses. PS QuickIT with their experience in cloud computing can swiftly enable an enterprise to transition from an on-premise application to cloud application or develop a new application on cloud.PS QuickIT understand the various challenges involved in this process and can assist in

  • Understanding needs of the enterprise, customizations required and offer a cost-effective solution
  • Integrating on-premise application-cloud and cloud-cloud application
  • Identifying & addressing data migration & data storage challenges
  • Enabling multi-tenancy architecture
  • Enabling security layer to ensure safe and encrypted data interchange between on premise-cloud and cloud-cloud application
  • Enabling failover handling & high availability via distributed application setup
  • Streamlining & automate cloud application deployment process
  • Auto-provisioning of new application instances to cater to increasing web traffic
  • Capturing data for analytics to increase application efficiency

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